Obagi Professional-C Serum 10%

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Skin Care Benefits
By Skin Type:
Normal Skin + Dry Skin + Oily Skin + Combination + Sensitive Skin
By Skin Concern:
Anti-Aging + Firming + Tightening + Dark Spots + Uneven Skin Tone + Fine Lines/Wrinkles
By Product Type:
Serums + Facial Treatment
By Ingredients:
Vitamin C + Ascorbic Acid
By Ingredient Preference:

Obagi Professional-C Serum 10% contains Vitamin C and is ideal for sensitive and dry skin. It has been designed specifically for protecting the skin against damage from environmental stresses and neutralize free radicals and molecules that bombard the body cells continuously. Without the use of these antioxidants, the free radicals are easily able to damage cellular membranes.

The Professional-C Serum 10% also helps to reduce signs of aging, prevent formation of wrinkles and fine lines, insulate the skin cells against further damage, and revamp collagen production for firm and resilient skin. Incorporating the 10% C-Serum into a daily skin care regimen will help achieve the look of bright, smooth, youthful looking skin.

Apply once daily in the morning to cleansed skin. Spread approximately 5-7 drops of serum onto face and neck area until completely absorbed.


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